Fossil Fighters – A DS Game Review by Autry

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I just purchased Fossil Fighters today, and I really like it. The basic idea of the game is to find where fossils are located, dig them up, and battle with them. Doesn’t sound too catchy does it? That’s what I was thinking when Mom recommended it to me, so I wasn’t expecting anything particularly ground-breaking. I was quite surprised with the way it turned out!

One of the things I like about this game was that is thought outside of the box. It wasn’t quite what you would expect with a dinosaur game. It has an interesting plot and lots of personality! The game also has a solid and realistic cast of characters (though some were not realistically dressed… when I say that I am referring to your player). It is entertaining and could even be considered educational about the science of dinosaurs.

The only down side to this game is the fact that you cannot become a girl, but I overlooked that because of the fact that about 80% of the people I’ve ran into are girls. Fossil Fighters reminds me vaguely of Pokemon because of its battles. I suppose this is because they are both role-playing. The game has many features such as a nifty sonar device that searches for fossils. It takes you on a fun adventure on Vivosaur Island. I really liked this inventive and exciting game!

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Wordless Wednesday

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April’s Bulletin Board

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We have a bulletin board in our classroom that we like to decorate. I like to put a poem on our board each month and usually my mom does the artwork. This month I decided to let all the kids help. First I printed out a pic of a bunny on an egg and had the kids color them. I wanted it to be a mix media project, so they use colored pencils, watercolors, and charcoal. Then we laminated the bunnies and cut them out.

Tru's rabbit

Autry's rabbit

Decca's rabbit

Next I had Autry color the background. She was so excited about this. She has never done the whole board before, although she often helps my mom. She spent a long time thinking about what colors she wanted to use.

Next the kids used rubber cement to glue their rabbits to the board. Autry finished the whole thing by writing Happy Spring. I still have to add a poem, but I haven’t found one I like yet. I would like the poem to be about rabbits or Easter. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Happy Spring everyone!

Decca’s latest movie

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My son loves to make movies with his Uncle Jesse. We recently had a visit from Jesse, and the two of them got creative. Decca makes up some plot (although I am never sure what is going on), and Jesse goes along with it. I think he even encourages him some. Anyway this film was quite entertaining, especially if you like boy humor. Check it out, I guarantee you will laugh!

(Below quoted from my brother’s blog)

DECCA’S LATEST OPUS (isn’t that a penguin?)

Decca stars in and directs his adaptation of ‘Monster Farm’ which maybe a game, I’m not sure…Where else can you have all the adventure and drama of ‘Yeti Mountain,’ ‘Butt Fighting’ and ‘Gandmaw’ all under 5 minutes…We are also having a special promotion…if you are able to follow Decca’s plot and storyline, you win a ‘walk on’ in his next production…

And for anybody who thought we don’t have hillbillies in L.A….just check out all the stray cats, garden hoses and random punching bags in the backyard!

Wordless Wednesday

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Checking In

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I haven’t had the chance to write since I began my student teaching, and I know many of you have been wondering what is going on. I have been very busy and have not had the time to update the blog. I have hardly had time to sit down with my kids, and my mom is doing most of their homeschooling (she is doing great!). Still we have had some fun times since this all started.

My little brother James visited for a few days, and we had a great time with him. We were able to get down to the beach with him, and we all enjoyed that.

So happy to be down at the beach after months of rain!

Having an uncle to twirl you around is so much fun!

The day was so beautiful!

The highlight of seeing their Uncle though was not the day at the beach. It was our breakfast out at IHOP. The truth is my kids haven’t been to an IHOP in years (I think the last time was in Kansas during a cross-country trip), but my brothers wanted to go, so… Anyway the kids were in love with all the pancakes, but what made it even better was my obnoxious brother. He was talking very loud in a Cockney accent. And it took forever for our food to come, and James just kept talking and talking, louder and louder, asking aloud where our food was. Anyway it seems he offended a pair of ladies sitting next to us, so they got up and moved. The kids all thought it was so funny! They laughed for days about it, and they are still talking in that horrible accent (thanks Jimmy!).

The kids and I spent last weekend digging up the backyard. We want to have a nice garden this year, and we are determined to fix the soil. Unfortunately we found out that the soil is filled with roots, pipes, and grubs. We got rid of the pipes (that took me all day), and we collected the grubs in a container (always thinking of science), but we have no idea what to do about all the roots. Any ideas?

I hate anything plastic, especially when it is in my garden area.

We did enjoy all the grubs. They should turn into beetles at some point.

The kids have adjusted so well to my being gone most of the day. The twins were fine (although it was a hard adjustment at first). My youngest, who does struggle with anxiety and separation, has done wonderful. The first four weeks or so were filled with many tears, and he did have trouble with the new schedule. He is doing better now, and although I still have to give him two kissing hands everyday before I leave, he seems to get through his days just fine. I am proud of him!

He's doing great!

Wordless Wednesday – Enjoying a fallen tree

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