Our School Room

I love looking at other people’s school rooms to get ideas.  Today I reorganized our area, and I thought I would post some pics. It isn’t ideal; there is very little wall space, but we make it work.

Looking into the room from the dining room. This is Decca's keyboard. It is not my favorite thing, but he loves it!

And looking into it from the kitchen.

I have desks on two sides of the walls. This is the desk on the smaller wall.

And this is the long desk on the other wall.

Then I have three bookcases set against the third wall. They are packed!

The second bookcase...

And the third. The globe lights up. It is very cool at night.

This is another area where the kids can work. They also like to sit there all day and "order" food from the "diner".

I also have this bookcase behind the dining room table.

A close-up. This shelf is holding some books from Animals and Their Worlds.

My son found this old scale at an antique store. We have it out and use it often.


~ by Jill Harper on April 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Our School Room”

  1. Nice space looks like a body could get somes good learning on there…too many books though…cut back on some that ‘book’ learning…

  2. It looks like you have everything you need within a few feet! I’ll have a chocolate malt with my book.

  3. Looks great!

  4. Everything looks very organized and well thought out by a very creative mom…

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