Fossil Fighters – A DS Game Review by Autry

I just purchased Fossil Fighters today, and I really like it. The basic idea of the game is to find where fossils are located, dig them up, and battle with them. Doesn’t sound too catchy does it? That’s what I was thinking when Mom recommended it to me, so I wasn’t expecting anything particularly ground-breaking. I was quite surprised with the way it turned out!

One of the things I like about this game was that is thought outside of the box. It wasn’t quite what you would expect with a dinosaur game. It has an interesting plot and lots of personality! The game also has a solid and realistic cast of characters (though some were not realistically dressed… when I say that I am referring to your player). It is entertaining and could even be considered educational about the science of dinosaurs.

The only down side to this game is the fact that you cannot become a girl, but I overlooked that because of the fact that about 80% of the people I’ve ran into are girls. Fossil Fighters reminds me vaguely of Pokemon because of its battles. I suppose this is because they are both role-playing. The game has many features such as a nifty sonar device that searches for fossils. It takes you on a fun adventure on Vivosaur Island. I really liked this inventive and exciting game!

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~ by Jill Harper on April 5, 2010.

One Response to “Fossil Fighters – A DS Game Review by Autry”

  1. This sounds cool! It reminds of of pokemon when you go underground to dig things up.

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