Decca’s latest movie

My son loves to make movies with his Uncle Jesse. We recently had a visit from Jesse, and the two of them got creative. Decca makes up some plot (although I am never sure what is going on), and Jesse goes along with it. I think he even encourages him some. Anyway this film was quite entertaining, especially if you like boy humor. Check it out, I guarantee you will laugh!

(Below quoted from my brother’s blog)

DECCA’S LATEST OPUS (isn’t that a penguin?)

Decca stars in and directs his adaptation of ‘Monster Farm’ which maybe a game, I’m not sure…Where else can you have all the adventure and drama of ‘Yeti Mountain,’ ‘Butt Fighting’ and ‘Gandmaw’ all under 5 minutes…We are also having a special promotion…if you are able to follow Decca’s plot and storyline, you win a ‘walk on’ in his next production…

And for anybody who thought we don’t have hillbillies in L.A….just check out all the stray cats, garden hoses and random punching bags in the backyard!


~ by Jill Harper on March 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Decca’s latest movie”

  1. nice blog, and greqt info…

  2. Great video!

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