Checking In

I haven’t had the chance to write since I began my student teaching, and I know many of you have been wondering what is going on. I have been very busy and have not had the time to update the blog. I have hardly had time to sit down with my kids, and my mom is doing most of their homeschooling (she is doing great!). Still we have had some fun times since this all started.

My little brother James visited for a few days, and we had a great time with him. We were able to get down to the beach with him, and we all enjoyed that.

So happy to be down at the beach after months of rain!

Having an uncle to twirl you around is so much fun!

The day was so beautiful!

The highlight of seeing their Uncle though was not the day at the beach. It was our breakfast out at IHOP. The truth is my kids haven’t been to an IHOP in years (I think the last time was in Kansas during a cross-country trip), but my brothers wanted to go, so… Anyway the kids were in love with all the pancakes, but what made it even better was my obnoxious brother. He was talking very loud in a Cockney accent. And it took forever for our food to come, and James just kept talking and talking, louder and louder, asking aloud where our food was. Anyway it seems he offended a pair of ladies sitting next to us, so they got up and moved. The kids all thought it was so funny! They laughed for days about it, and they are still talking in that horrible accent (thanks Jimmy!).

The kids and I spent last weekend digging up the backyard. We want to have a nice garden this year, and we are determined to fix the soil. Unfortunately we found out that the soil is filled with roots, pipes, and grubs. We got rid of the pipes (that took me all day), and we collected the grubs in a container (always thinking of science), but we have no idea what to do about all the roots. Any ideas?

I hate anything plastic, especially when it is in my garden area.

We did enjoy all the grubs. They should turn into beetles at some point.

The kids have adjusted so well to my being gone most of the day. The twins were fine (although it was a hard adjustment at first). My youngest, who does struggle with anxiety and separation, has done wonderful. The first four weeks or so were filled with many tears, and he did have trouble with the new schedule. He is doing better now, and although I still have to give him two kissing hands everyday before I leave, he seems to get through his days just fine. I am proud of him!

He's doing great!


~ by Jill Harper on March 17, 2010.

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