Weekly Update

I have been so busy with my own school this week! I have had to write two papers, do two other projects, and finish my TPA Tasks. It is sometimes hard to balance my own work with the kids, and this week was a little challenging. On Monday the kids had a writing assignment they had to do for the charter school they are in, so we worked on that in the morning, and then we met with our ES. On days that we have to meet for their school we do not do much else. The rest of the week we just plugged along as best as we could.

Tru started a new section in Singapore Math. He is now working on bars and graphs, and he loves it. He was starting to get sick of fractions, so it was a nice change of pace. He also worked through chapter 3 of LoF. In Language Arts we began Music of the Hemispheres, and we are both enejoying this. Tru also did a few lessons in his other LA books. In history we finished our study of WW1. We read about the Treaty of Versailles, and Tru explored this BBC site and watched some videos here. Tru continued working in Singapore science, and we learned about the respiratory system. He also began reading the book Cells and Systems which is part of a series that he seems to really enjoy.

Decca worked on all his usual books. In piano his teacher got him a new book called Music by Me. This is a composition book, and because Decca likes to write his own music, his teacher thought this would be a good book for him. It seems interesting, and I hope Decca finds it challenging. So far he seems to like it. This week he worked on rhythm. Another new thing for Decca this week was TickettoRead. This is an online program where he works on his reading skills. He seems to really like this, and he would work on it for an hour a day. I signed up for the free trial, and I am not sure if I will buy it or not.

Autry had a book report due in school this week. She read Number the Stars and then made a journal based on it. We spent a few hours making the pages look old. We dipped them in tea and dried them in the oven. Then we burned the edges. It was a fun project, and I think I will have the kids make a treasure map next week using this method.

Also this week I received my student teaching placement. I will be working in a first grade classroom, and I am happy about that. I start on February 1st, so next week is my last week at home with the kids until June. I sure will miss them!


~ by Jill Harper on January 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Weekly Update”

  1. I really liked the idea about making the pages look old for Autry’s book report…..

  2. My husband is a first grade teacher and he is laughing. Enjoy herding cats for a few weeks. 🙂 Nah, he loves it.

    I love Singapore Math. Just when you start to go crazy on a topic, they switch. Hooray!

    I love your daughter’s antiqued pages. Very cool to integrate into school work. My kids make treasure maps but I’m going to suggest this for school.

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your children’s studies.

    Also, congrats on your teaching placement!

  4. I also like the way you made the book look *old*….I should do more fun stuff like that!!!

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