Zoobs and Math


My youngest son is a funny guy when it comes to school work. Sometimes he will sit with a workbook and do ten pages in a row. Other times he will go days without showing any interest in doing any academic work. I have learned to think of school work as many other things besides workbook type activities. Math is one area I have come to embrace as a subject that can be taught in many different ways.  Decca has two math books he work through. Math-U-See Alpha and Singapore Math. He loves the Math-U-See blocks, and some days he enjoys doing the workbook. He sometimes likes Singapore, and he is making steady progress through both. However, he hasn’t done any work in either for a week now. He still practices many math concepts though, and today he did that with his Zoobs.




First he sorted them by color. Then he put each color into groups. Here the yellow are grouped b 5s.




The reds he grouped by 2s.




And the greens he sorted into groups of four and turned them into frogs. Frogs are his favorite animal, and he never misses a chance to create them.


He then tried to count the total number in each color by skip counting. Counting by 2s and 5s were review, and he did great with that. Counting by 3s and 4s is hard for him as he is still learning this. He had a great time practicing it with his zoobs, and the best part is it was fun for him. I didn’t tell him it was preparing him for more advanced math. I thought that might just take the fun out of it!

ZOOB 250-Piece Set


~ by Jill Harper on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “Zoobs and Math”

  1. Our kids love zoobs- we’ve never used them for math though- I think I’ll have to try that!

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