American Story 2 Changes



I love WinterPromise, and I am enjoying AS2 this year. I wasn’t sure if this program would be challenging enough for the twins when I ordered it, but I figured I could add to it if I needed too. I do not like to change much in a program because if I do I tend to drift too far away from the original schedule. We have  hardly changed anything in this program, but I have added a good deal to it to hold the interest of the kids.

When we were studying the Civil War era I added a few books because the twins were so interested in the history. You can read about two of our favorites here. I also added the Children’s Encyclopedia of American History
that we used in AS1 back into this program as I felt the program needed a strong spine.I added Into the West to the readings this week, and I think this is one of my favorite books. It does a great job teaching about the time period following the Civil War, and it has great pictures and illustrations. We also decided to listen to On the Banks of Plum Creek 51FN622H89L._SL500_AA240_ We had read this before, and I thought about dropping it, but I found it on audio and thought the kids would enjoy it. They did, and it helped Tru when he had to write about sod houses for an assignment from his language arts book.  The only book I have dropped from the program is Going West! This book does a wonderful job of mixing history and crafts, but the kids don’t seem to click with it. I am not sure if it is too young for them, or if they simply just don’t like it, but we have dropped it from the program. This is the only book we have dropped, and I think that is a nice reflection of how great this program is.

We are also enjoying the documentary Ken Burns Presents: The West. This documentary is often criticized because it has Ken Burns’ name in the title, but it is not actually written or directed by him. I found it to be a fairly well-done documentary, and it holds both the kids interest and my own. We have been watching it over the last two weeks, and it really adds a nice element to the program. 51hg2vgX2kL._SL500_AA240_


~ by Jill Harper on October 17, 2009.

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