Sensory Processing Disorder and swings

My twins have sensory processing disorder, and one thing they both need is a great deal of movement. To this end I have acquired various items for them to use throughout the day. We have a trampoline in the living room, a huge ball to bounce on in our hallway, a balance board in the homeschool room, and weights spread all over the house. In addition I have three chin up bars in the house. They love these bars because I have transformed them into swings. To do this I tied an old sheet to the bar, and then tied it at the bottom to make a seat. I did this a few years back, and they love them. TheĀ  kids swing in them throughout the day. They also read in the swings, and sometimes my daughter takes her kitty for a swing. I never imagined how much use I would have gotten out of them when on a whim I tied a sheet up to them.

recent pics 002recent pics 207recent pics 141

If you want any information on Sensory Integration please check out this website.


~ by Jill Harper on September 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sensory Processing Disorder and swings”

  1. Great swing!

    We’re thinking of doing it here as well.

  2. Great swings- and inexpensive too!

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