Summer Fun

We have spent a great deal of our summer at the pool this year. We live in a warm climate, so actually we spend most of the year in the pool, but the pool this summer has brought all of us a great deal of pleasure. The reason being, that prior to this summer, my oldest son never enjoyed it. He wouldn’t get his hair wet, he refused to swim much, and he got mad if anyone splashed him. In short he was miserable!

Someone told  me I should really think about getting him prescription goggles. I thought they would be very expensive, but I was surprised when I found this website:

I ordered some goggles, and in a week he had them. I thought he would put them on and jump in the pool! I was very wrong. He wouldn’t put them on, and he wouldn’t go in the pool. I was very frustrated, so the next thing I did was sign him up for private swim lessons. My son complained and told me he would not go in the pool. Well he was truly blessed with an amazing teacher and within five minutes of his first lesson he was in the pool and under the water. He has been swimming ever since, and he now loves the pool!  We have all enjoyed seeing the wonderful transformation in him, and he has a great deal more confidence.



~ by Jill Harper on September 5, 2009.

One Response to “Summer Fun”

  1. Wow- those are a lot cheaper than I expected.

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