Decca’s Birthday

Yesterday my youngest turned six! It is hard to believe he is getting so old. We had a fun morning at Disneyland, went to the Lego store, and had a nice party at night at a restaurant. It is great to have annual passes to Disneyland because it is so nice to just stop by for a few hours before the crowds start. It is even better when it is your birthday. This year Disneyland is giving all pass holders a gift card on their birthday for $55.00. All we had to do was show Decca’s birth certificate, and we got it. What an easy way to get some birthday money.

Decca had a small party, and I think it was just right for him. He gets overwhelmed with too many people, and then he can’t communicate because of his selective mutism. This year I decided to invite just family and a close friend of mine who has two daughters that Decca adores. He was comfortable during the whole gathering and talked to everyone. Afterwards he told me it was his best birthday ever. This made me so happy!

With his cake.

Opening gifts.

Playmobil, his favorite!

In his new magician’s hat.

With the twins and his friends.


~ by Jill Harper on September 5, 2009.

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